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mopidahoslash's Journal

My Own Private Idaho Slash
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This community is dedicated to My Own Private Idaho slash. Preferably Scott/Mike, but if there's another pairing from the movie that you have in mind, go for it. This community also welcomes, even encourages, Keanu/River RPS. We all know how it ends, but what happened in between it all.


1. No flames. Only causes hurt and anger. Keep it to yourself please. Constuctive crit is a good thing, but outright insults are not. You'll be banned if you can't refrain from flaming.

2. All posts must be related to MoPI, River/Keanu (you're welcome to post about an article you saw, or a line that you think should inspire some slashy writing), but believe me no one wants to hear about how you got an F on your last paper.

3. Pics are welcome as well. Keep larger ones behind lj cuts for courtesy of others.

4. Fics should also be posted behind an lj cut (of course), and information provided should be; Title; Author; Rating; Spoilers (yes/no and for movie); Pairing and a disclaimer to be safe, especially when writing RPS.

5. Have fun *grins* yeah it's a rule ^_^_^

I think we need some official terms for this fandom. NC= No Carmella for the slightly AU fics where she never...occured.